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Concatination And Compressing Files With Grunt

With the advent of more and more Javascript being used to enhance user experience, tools have evolved to deal with the increased number of requests made on a server and the size of the javascript files served. The Grunt suite of tools allows for easy concatination and compression of files to ease load on servers and make development easier by breaking up Javascript files into units of work.

Which Data Type To Store Money

Which Data Type To Store Money

Verify CSV File Is Valid CSV Format

Whilst there are many validation which may be performed on CSV data, there is little verify that a given file is in CSV format. Almost any text file can potentially be a CSV file. This example show how the closest possible validation by defineing possible MIME types of a CSV file.

Highlight Html With PHP Class

A simple class to highlight HTML with PHP. This class is not as fully featured as others, however, gets the job done in a lot less lines of code. Enjoy!

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